Bremen | Airbus Forecourt

Hedge bocages at the Airbus forecourt, Bremen

The urban plan of the Airbus site along Airbus-Allee also included a forecourt, the design of which is intended to emphasise the importance of the overall urban ensemble.

The dense plantings of plane trees near the parking area west of the tower form a spatial boundary. East of the entrance the character of the square is accentuated by landscape architectural elements such as clipped hedges, bands of grass, paving patterns, and seating elements. The traffic lanes are successfully integrated into the square through the use of regularly and irregularly shaped bands of paving which have alternating light and dark colours. The bands form the structure of the overall design and draw attention to the distinctiveness of the space, within which traffic moves at reduced speeds. The transition from the public roads and sidewalks to the Airbus site is clearly identifiable due to a change in the materials used and hedges planted around the parking area.   

Location: Bremen

Client: Bremen (WFB)