Hanover | Welfengarten

Welfengarten: Creating in the Past and the Present - For the Design of the Future

The „Welfen-“ and „Prinzengarten“ is next to the Georgengarten, the Great Garden and the Berggarten, the fourth garden of the Royal Garden-Ensemble of Herrenhausen in Hanover.

We have managed to realize the first part of our „UTOPIA of the Landscape“, the „Welfen-“ and „Prinzengarten“ which had been sunken into a deep sleep. The axes and baroque elements of the park around the Monbrillant castle from 1763, had disappeared over time. The garden existed as a university park next to the Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen. We reinvented the garden after winning the competition in 2015: the course of the former moat in the park in the form of an apse was traced with a modern seating element. At night, the sculpture illuminates and creates a space to get together. The route through the park has been redesigned and optimized, taking into account the splendid trees.

Author: Kamel Louafi with Dörte Eggert-Heerdegen
Staff: David Holzhause, Kia Massoudi, Andrea Mattern-Louafi