Hanover | EXPO 2000 Water Gardens

Water Gardens

The difference between the Gardens in Transition and the EXPO Park South is highlighted by a canal that runs along the area at the southern entrance up to the Kalsaunequelle. The canal was made in the tradition of an English landscape park, i.e., it forms a boundary while allowing for an unobstructed view of the landscape beyond. Several bridges across the canal connect the two areas. A lake located in the western part of the park filters and collects rain water from the area surrounding the pavilions. From the water gardens on the northern bank visitors have a broad view of the artificial hill with its towers, the embankment with its scarecrow sculptures, and the path leading through the newly developed wetlands into the landscape beyond. Water management at the EXPO Park South became a central issue due to the site’s topographical and hydrological conditions, and both technical and creative means were used to find solutions.


The Gardens of the World Exposition 2000 Hanover, Expo Park South

Location: Hanover

Client: EXPO 2000 GmbH and Hanover Municipality, Landeshauptstadt Hannover