Exhibition review

1997 Exhibition review in the “garden pictures. visions and their visualization”. 1st International Garden Festival in Wörlitz
1998 Gallery Aedes East: Exhibition of the draft plan and the working models of the “Gardens of the World Exposition 2000” in Hanover. 
1998 Exhibition in the administration hall and Expo-Center “Gardens of the World Exposition 2000” in Hanover.
1999 European Biennial of the Landscape, Barcelona: Expo 2000 exhibition review
2000 Gallery Aedes West: Photography Exhibition: “The Gardens of the World Exposition on the Kronsberg - the Realization as a Metamorphosis” in Berlin.
2001 Exhibition review in the 2nd European Biennial on Landscape, Barcelona
2001 Exhibition of the project “Valkeniersweide” at the Centre of Contemporary Art, Rotterdam.
2005 Gallery Aedes-West: Exhibition of the project “The Oriental Garden”.
2009 AedesLand Gallery: Exhibition “Urban Landscapes. Hanover, Bremen and Kassel”.
2015 Exhibition "La Place de la Résistance, Esch-sur-Alzette" at the Luxemburg Embassy in Berlin with a discussion about: "The Future of the European City"
2020 Exhibition "Arabesque Landscapes" at Raumgalerie Stuttgart
2022 Touring Exhibition "Fascination with the Choreography of the Landscape. Orient meets Occident - so near and so far" at the gallery 'feldfünf' Berlin, at the Town Hall Batna, Algeria and at Dar Abdellatif in Algiers, Algeria, with exhibition catalogue
2023 Touring Exhibition "Orient meets Occident" at Palais Ennejma Ezzahra, Sidi Bou Saïd, Tunis, Tunisia and in the former Cathedral Sacré Cœur in Oran, Algeria

Films about "Arabesque Landscapes", 1. Exhibition at Raumgalerie Stuttgart
Info about the Exhibition: 5 Minutes:
Digital Introduction: 13 Minutes: